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Friday Night-Gator by the Bay- May 2017

The Paladins played Friday night for their first time at Gator by the Bay! festival in Spanish Landing Park, San Diego, CA. Friday night's line up was pretty stellar. Big Jon Atkinson with Darrell Nulisch on vocals. I've been a big fan of Darrell's vocals since first hearing him with Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters. Nulisch has played with a ton of cats and it was good to finally see him live. I was quite surprised by Big Jon's band. Having not really paid much attention to newer acts, it was a pleasant surprise to see such a tight group. That rhythm section was killer! 

Hot Rod Lincoln played not long after Big Jon. I haven't seen Buzz Campbell play since the '90's. (What was I thinking?) He churned out hot lick after hot lick from his Gretsch fret board. The crowd definitely enjoyed his covers of early Elvis and Buddy Holly. 

The Paladins took the stage at 9PM sharp and jumped right into it with the muscular instrumental "Powershake." They played a tried and true set list that spans their career. I always enjoy the looks on people's faces seeing guitarist Dave Gonzalez for the first time. The Pals always give 100% at their shows and they're genuine good people. Prior to their set, I briefly spoke with drummer Brian Fahey about their recent European tour. He's a down to earth guy and it was nice to be able to make small talk with a member of a group I hold in high regard. He mentioned they got in a solid groove in Belgium and it showed Friday night. Thanks, again, guys for all the years of music. The Paladins have a new album out now-"New World" on Lux Records, it's their first studio album in over 10 years. Check it out! 

See you out there the next time! -Jeff.