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Throwback Thursday: Born Free 7 2015

With Born Free 8 upon us, I thought it would be nice to revisit last year's show. 



Sunday Springers

Cycle Zombies Big Scott

1917 Henderson four cylinder

1917 Henderson

Powerplant Motorcycles

FXR paint

Loser Machine Boobs- who doesn't like boobs?

Dave Herr's "Sewer Baby" '77 Shovelhead

"Sewer Baby"

Mick's Chop Shop '56 Pan/Shovel

JP Rodman's Frazetta inspired Shovelhead "High Brasil"

"High Brasil"

"High Brasil"

Vee Choppers

Vee Choppers

Hog Killers' '76 Shovelhead "Glory Hole"

Suicide Machine FXR

Blue Collar Choppers

T-Sport built by BCC

Bridgewater Racing

Grosshans' Swingarm Panhead

Dual M-53 Bombsite Carbs

Ehinger Kraftrad Speedster

Narrow life

4 Speed Mayhem "Purple Haze"

4 Speed Mayhem

"Purple Haze"

Brent Rogers' Knucklehead

Brent Rogers' '46 Knucklehead

Bars, tanks and seats. 



Brent Rogers' Panhead

Brent Rogers' Panhead

Unknown Industries Buddy Suttle's FXR

Unknown Industries

OG Death Squad

VNM Horsebites Roach Smoking a Roach

Boosted Brad

Pete "Hotdog" Finlan

Gen Love Ear Art

Brent Rogers' Panhead

Shovel Life

Source: http://www.bornfreeshow.com/