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2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Finish

The 2016 edition of the Motorcycle Cannonball finished after 3300 miles in Carlsbad, California on Sunday September 25, 2016 after 120 riders started in Atlantic City, New Jersey on September 10th. 

I first became aware of the inaugural Motorcycle Cannonball before their 2010 edition, which finished at Santa Monica pier. The Motorcycle Cannonball is a brutal test of your own personal endurance and your machine's. After witnessing these vintage machines cover 3300 miles- it gives you a new appreciation for what the Cannonball is about. Taking your 2016 Road Glide for a spin across the country isn't quite the same.

Seeing early American and British motorcycle history is a feast for the eyes; leather belt drives, exposed pushrods and rockers, total loss oil systems, single cylinder all the way to Henderson four cylinder bikes. Scroll though and enjoy the images- each one opens larger in a lightbox. 

Rider #18- Doug Feinsod on a 1913 Thor. 

Rider #20- Denis Sharon on a 1916 Harley. 

Rider #94- Rich Rau on a 1916 Indian. 

Rider #35- Jon Dobbs on a 1915 Harley. 

Rider #118- Fred Wacker on a 1913 Indian. 

Rider #3- Buck Carson on a 1916 BSA. 

Rider #22- Jeff Lauritsen on a 1916 Excelsior, which he had an unfortunate accident on. 

Rider #80- Shinya Kimura on a 1915 Indian Twin. 

Rider #15- Mike Carson on a 1914 British Warrick that is customized. 

Rider #72- Dan Kraft on a 1913 Thor model U. 

Rider #72- Dan Kraft on a 1913 Thor model U. 

Rider #14- Vern Acres on a 1914 Henderson Four. 

Rider #49- Frank Westfall (2016 winner) on a 1912 Henderson Four.

Rider #3- Buck Carson on a 1915 BSA. 

Rider #20- Denis Sharon on a 1916 Harley. 

Rider #24- Kelly Modin on a 1914 Excelsior. 

The finish at the restored Santa Fe Railway depot in Carlsbad, California. 

Source: http://www.motorcyclecannonball.com/